To understand each client's unique goals and expectations, designing a tailored study and career program to achieve them.


Provide the best and personal solution for each client to achieve success.

international student exchange guidance & educational Consulting - SINCE 2013


Eunice Moreira "B.B.A. M.B.A.", director of ICAN - Interchange Canada, has over thirty year experience in education. Graduated with honours at EAESP/FGV with Master Business Administration, she taught Finance and Economics at Universities in Brazil. She also assisted the creation of a marketing research department in retail and wholesale at FGV (Cedist), orienting students on their career and making the connection between the marketplace and academic research. Her extensive experience teaching students in Brazil and guiding students in Canada benefit the success of ICAN. Her passion for education and professionalism with her clients helped them to succeed on their academic path, and on their career choice. 

Her pedagogic approach improves not only students' performance, but also their sense of purpose in life. Eunice is able to customize her teaching style for each individual, focusing on their natural skills, personal goals and potential. 

Almost 30 years ago, Eunice founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil the "Casa de Estudo Dr. Leao Sampaio". This school is specialized in guiding thousands of secondary students in their transition to university. 

Eunice charismatic interaction with teenagers and youth brings enthusiasm to her students, creating a positive environment for them to develop their full potential. 

Also for professional individuals who are looking for career change or improvement, benefit from continuing education, or even a life style change in Canada, ICAN has been able to assist on these transitions. 

ICAN Interchange Canada is a company where study, work, and success get together, helping dreams come true.