international student exchange guidance & educational Consulting - SINCE 2013


English ICAN understands the first step to study, work, or live in a country that English is the language, proficiency is crucial for success. Therefore, we provide to our clients comprehensive options of English as a second language programs. The choice is tailored according to your needs, English level, and future goals.

English for Young Adults

ICAN suggests a variety of programs from full time studies to short term courses. Some options include the following:

  1. Summer English Language Academy - provided at a Canadian High School ( from 2 to 6 weeks of length)
  2. Summer Sports with English Language
  3. Summer Teen Hockey Camp
  4. English at College with Boarding
  5. Tutorial English Course( in class or online)
  6. English Conversation Courses Full time
  7. IELTS Intensive Course
  8. English for Academic Purposes Full time
  9. Academic Teen Program
  10. English on Tennis lessons
  11. English on Dancing
  12. English on Ski/Snowboard
  13. TOEFL preparation course
  14. Winter English Language Camp

English for Adults

Adults who are seeking to communicate clearly in a professional and social environment, require well-developed speaking and writing skills. ICAN will engage you in an English Institute that you enjoy the benefits of studying professionally designed courses taught by highly qualified and certified instructors.

International students need a permit to study in Canada, which you may qualify to work on campus or off-campus. To quality to work you should have a valid study permit, be a full time student, be enrolled at a designated learning institution at the post-secondary level that is at least six months in duration.

ICAN suggests many programs of full time studies with work permit , and part time studies:

  1. University/College Institute of English as a Second Language.
  2. ESL Conversation Programs
  3. ESL Summer Intensive Classes
  4. ESL Accent Reduction
  5. ESL Grammar Skills
  6. Professional Communication Skills
  7. English for Academic Purposes
  8. ESL Writing Skills
  9. English for New Comers in Canada
  10. Teaching English as a Foreign Language