international student exchange guidance & educational Consulting - SINCE 2013


Unforgettable High School Experience.

My best memories as a teenager was my time in Cardinal Carter High School in Canada. I arrived without speaking English. I had no experience travelling internationally without my parents. A new world open to me as a magic dream. 

ICAN helped me to have the best of all, including educational guidance, one-on-one classes in many high school subjects, which made me excel in Mathematics, English, among others. They supported me, giving great teachers and an excellent home-stay environment. 

I could learn English very quick, and learn the Canadian culture. My hosted family sightseeing all Toronto area and around, took me to many parks. They travelled with me to many large cities as Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Kingstone, Montreal, and so many others.

Looking back, I can assure you that ICAN had impacted my life so positively, that I pursued my desired career, becoming a lawyer in Brazil. ICAN gave me the right tools to accomplish my dream.

​Juliana Gile