ICAN provides you with a comprehensive individual plan that meets your demand, according to your goals and budget.

Phases of your plan:

1. Contact ICAN here to book a free interview with one of our consultants.

2. Interview Phase:

  • ICAN will listen to you to understand your purpose in life and your goals in your studies in Canada.
  • ICAN will offer you options of choices and guide you to the right place for you to stay in Canada
  • ICAN will develop a budget plan for you with details information regarding costs related to your program of choice.
  • ICAN will create scenarios for you to choose
  • ICAN will email you your budget for your review
  • ICAN will book another meeting with you after a week from the first interview

3. First Meeting:

  • Revise the budget plan with you to get your consent to continue working on the plan
  • Confirm with you which scenario best fits your needs
  • Listen to your questions and feedback about your plan
  • ICAN will book another meeting to show your plan

4. Second Meeting:

  • Your plan is presented to you, explaining details of topics, which include:
  1. Travel to Canada
  2. Necessary documentation
  3.  Residence
  4. School of your choice
  5. Cost of living
  6. Transportation Cost
  7. ICAN support during your stay in Canada,
  8. Work in Canada during your stay (if applicable)
  9. Any other individual demand you might have

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