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" Since I was a little kid, my passion was drawing cartoons. Before I wrote my first name, I had already the ability to draw my childhood imaginary scenarios. Any piece of paper and a pencil helped me create a story of all the crazy characters and adventures that took place inside my mind. My favourite and sweet aunt used to go to my home to play with me, and she was amazed with my drawing talent when I was just a 3-year-old child.
After my graduation in Film School, my dream to be an Animator became true and that was when I learned about ICAN and the great guidance they provide to their clients. With the comprehensive consulting service, they provided me with all the necessary support to study, live and work in Canada during my post-graduation program at Seneca College. They also encouraged me to apply for several film festivals around the world, from which I have received international recognition and awards.

I strongly recommend ICAN, “where study, work, and success get together, helping your dreams come true"

Caya Ryuichi Yossimi

Character Designer, Animator, Ilustrator, Motion Designer, and Layout Artist in the Animation Field.

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